Boris Johnson Explains What Britain Needs to Be Great Again

Johnson honored with the AIE 2018 Irving Kristol Award.

boris johnson

As a  member of the British Parliament and former Cabinet member and mayor of London, Boris Johnson has honed his perspective over time regarding the future of his country.

What he found is that Great Britain needs to look to the past — specifically giving its citizens the chance to elevate themselves.

This month, the author and historian was honored with the American Enterprise Institute’s 2018 Irving Kristol Award, and he regaled the audience with his reasoning.

“Social mobility. Social mobility. That was you know — you think back to the great achievements of the Thatcher era, which I spoke of earlier. It was about helping people to seize control of their own destiny, whether it was owning shares which they hadn’t thought of doing before or buying their own homes,” said Johnson during the acceptance ceremony. “Fantastically important, and since that big change in the 1980s, social mobility is frozen again, and we need to recover that. We need to recover that momentum in the UK.”

Watch the full video below.

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