Most Billionaires Are This Zodiac Sign

Are the stars in your favor?

Most Billionaires Are This Zodiac Sign
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Leos make up the most billionaires out of all other signs, reports Reader’s Digest.

Adview, a UK-based job site, released their Fortune 400 list that ranked the zodiac signs based on number of billionaires that fell within signs’ birth months and ranges. See the full list below:

Leo: 28

Taurus: 24

Libra: 23

Aquarius: 22

Gemini: 21

Virgo: 21

Capricorn: 21

Pisces: 21

Cancer: 20

Sagittarius: 18

Scorpio: 16

Aries: 12

Taurus comes in second place while Aries lags in last with a minuscule 12 total billionaires born between March 21 and April 19.

Some Leo-born billionaires are born in September; September is also the birth month of folks less-likely to go to prison, Reader’s Digest reports.

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