How Al Gore Handled Illegal Campaign Materials in 2000

The former vice president was mailed a stolen debate prep book from the Bush campaign.

July 18, 2017 8:44 am
Al Gore/ An Inconvenient Sequel
Al Gore gives his updated presentation in Houston, TX in 'An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power.' (Jensen Walker/Paramount)

Former Vice President Al Gore stopped by Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ on Monday to tout his documentary follow-up, an “An Inconvenient Sequel.” As the only other living candidate apart from Hillary Clinton to win the popular vote but not the electoral college, Colbert asked Gore questions about his experience running for the highest office — including how he handled himself when George W. Bush’s debate prep book was stolen from Texas and mailed to Gore’s close friend and associate, Tom Downey.

“Somebody was very unhappy with the Bush campaign,” Gore recounted. “We immediately turned it over to the FBI, and Tom recused himself from the whole debate process.”

Watch the interview for yourself — as well as Gore’s impressions of Vladimir Putin when he was still only the Deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg.

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