Why Shouldn’t Our Travel Bag Also Charge Our Phone?

Emery & Oak: Saving us from 0% battery since 2016.

August 12, 2016 9:00 am

Maybe you’ve got your portable power needs fully locked down. 

We always think we’re good, too. Until we stare into our empty bag and realize we forgot that extra battery. 

But what if the power source was actually part of the bag? 

Portable power sources are a godsend. Charge ’em up, hit the road. You’re good. 

Unless you’re busy. 

And you forget. 

Which is why the Emery & Oak model is advantageous: You can’t forget to put the battery in the bag if the battery is built into the bag — which is the set-up they’re currently Kickstarting for $99. 

Each travel duffle comes with a 10,000mAh battery: Fully charged, it’ll power your iPhone three times, your S7 twice, and your iPod mini once. Re-supply it via the included mini USB cable. 

Elsewhere, you’ll find the normal accoutrements of a modern-day travel bag, like a separate compartment for crucial stuff and another for shoes.

It’s a good-looking bag: discreet, big enough for a weekend trip, small enough to avoid a checked-bag fee. 

If you’ve never sat through an airport delay in an airport without a single available electrical outlet — well, good for you. 

For everyone else, it’s worth a look

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