Fire It Up


It helped prehistoric man survive winter. It helped Tom Hanks when he was stranded alone with Tom Hanks.

And it’ll help you eat your way through one-and-a-half tons of beef, pork, lobster, lamb, squab, sturgeon and goat this weekend.

Introducing Heritage Fire, a food festival that pits the country’s top pitmasters against your appetite, coming to Napa this Sunday.

Thirty-plus chefs. Forty wineries. Bocce.

Spun-off from the hog-centric Cochon 555 touring cook-off, Heritage Fire includes local talent like Fire + Water’s Thomas McNaughton, Mark Liberman from AQ and Dirty Habit’s David Bazirgan alongside a respectable roster of national talent.

Grab VIP tickets for early access to the tables, some special wine treatment and a little picnic blanket action.

And bring a date. This party’s too good to waste on Wilson.


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