The Sexiest Thing You will See this Weekend

Dreading the drive to Tahoe? Yeah, we can fix that.

By The Editors
November 25, 2015 9:00 am

Last time your correspondent drove to Tahoe, she left at two in the afternoon and got there at 10:30.

That includes one 10-minute break for gas and around eight hours of sitting in traffic.

We’re betting the guy behind Cobalt was doing roughly the same thing when he came up with the idea for the Co50 Valkyrie: a design-driven private plane with room for five passengers (pilot included) and their gear built right here in San Francisco.

Skipping traffic is just one of the benefits.  

The other is laying eyes on one of the most beautiful (and functional) objects on Earth.

Designed by French aerospace engineer David Loury, the Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie is simple to fly and gorgeous to look at. 

Manufactured in California, the plane wouldn’t look out of place in James Bond’s garage.

The finishes are premium. The inspiration? Fighter jets. All for a price of around $700,000.

Expected delivery: 2017.

Once you take a look, those air taxis will never look as good.

And I-80? Ha.

Preorder it here.

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