Burlesque on a Sunday Afternoon, Anyone?

Seven superb outings in and around the Bay Area this weekend

August 5, 2016 9:00 am

In the City by the Bay, nothing says Sunday afternoon like a burlesque show. Don’t blush — you’re the one who chose to live here.

We’ve got that and a bevy of other options for your weekend entertainment. It’s a doozy. But it ends in lake views and mai tais.

Here’s your weekend in preview.

1. Timber Cove, up on the Sonoma Coast, just reopened after a massive rehab, and honestly we delayed writing this message until we could book ourselves a room. Get up there now. 

2. Open-air Shakespeare: It’s just a classy way to spend an evening. Bring some kids, change some lives, even if they swear they’re bored. It’s The Tempest, so be prepared to get emotional over “my library / Was dukedom large enough.” 

3. Haven’t booked at In Situ yet? Even after that Pete Wells review? Get moving, son. 

4. While you prepare for next weekend’s Wes Anderson marathon at the Roxie, why not head over to Berkeley for the Hitchcock/Truffaut doc? Anderson’s just like one point further down that particular line. 

5. Tell you the truth: there’s nothing we like more than watching an international sporting event outside, with strangers and beer. The Fremont Festival of the Arts, of all unlikely candidates, is helping us out with that this year, with their outdoor big-screen Olympics watch party. Go for the art; stay for the synchronized swimming. 

6. Haven’t been to Zazie yet? Well, you probably have. But if you have a friend who resists because of the lines and also worships Adele, you now have more useful ammunition in getting her (we know it’s a her) to check it out

7. Sunday matinee burlesque > brunch. (Except at Zazie.) For the former, Red Hot delivers, if you will pardon the pun exclusive to anyone who, like us, used to be incredibly fond of that particular Chinese restaurant. Anyway: artful undressing. On tap. Enjoy. 

Plus our bonus hike of the week: we just did it, and it was awesome. It’s called The Lake Aloha. Yeah, it means driving out to Tahoe, but book a room at the new Base Camp and you’re good. While you’re there, plan on dinner at Sunnyside and a couple Mai Tais. That is a Saturday that’s tough to beat. 

Lake Aloha image via Flickr

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