Now Showing: New York’s First 4D Theater

Because 3D is so 2015

By The Editors
March 23, 2016 9:00 am

Batman v. Superman.

Its “highly anticipated” release … highly debatable. All two-and-a-half hours of it.

But we’re here to tell you this is one not to miss.

Reason: this Friday, the film will debut at NY’s first 4D theater. As in four-dimensional. As in an immersive sensory overload that’ll have you shaking in your seat.


Following LA and Chicago-area openings last year, the theater will open March 25th at the Regal Union Square Stadium, followed by an April 28th opening at the Regal E-Walk 13 in Midtown. A partnership between Regal Cinemas and CJ 4DPLEX, the program is now up and running in 228 theaters in 37 countries, with a goal to go live in 800 ‘plexes worldwide by the end of 2017.

Batman v. Superman is the only flick on the roster so far for NYC, though you can expect all the big blockbusters to roll through in the coming months.

For an extra eight bucks a ticket, the tech involved supplements the on-screen 3D visuals with theme-park-style mechanical seats, turning you, dear viewer, into a veritable on-screen extra.

Also part of the experience: aural, olfactory and tactile experiences that approximate wind, fog, rain, lightning, snow and other atmospheric conditions.

It gives a whole new meaning to special effects.

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