Mystery Meat

By The Editors
November 27, 2012 9:00 am

When it comes to lunch, you usually have an important decision: do I get my usual avocado-and-boredom salad, or change it up with a chicken wrap and side of suicidal monotony?

Neither, sir, because you’re getting a burger delivered from The New York Burger Appreciation Society

The NYBAS works like this: Just sign up online, pick any weekday other than Wednesday, and for $15 a week they’ll deliver a piping-hot burger to your home or office (anywhere below Central Park) between 12pm and 12:45pm.

But where that burger comes from? That’s a secret. 

So eat up and wait two hours. That’s when you’ll receive an email communique from the Society detailing which respectable burger joint your meal came from.

The NYBAS promises the establishment’s less than 15 minutes away (so no soggy buns). This info’s then stored in your profile should you choose to visit said establishment on non-NYBAS-related business.

An extra $3/week nets you a side (“usually fries, but not always”) and memberships to the society can be gifted as well.

Initiation rights are up to you.


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