Last Call

It’s December 21st. Do you know where your gifts are?

By The Editors
December 21, 2015 9:00 am

You did that thing again, didn’t you?

You swore you were gonna get your presents bought with time to spare this year, but then life and work and “Oh, c’mon, let’s have one more” got in the way, and now it’s December 21st, and unless your name is Jeffrey Preston Bezos, Amazon ain’t getting to your doorstep on time.

It’s OK. So did we.

Which is why we created the Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Guide.

Think of it as a treasure map. For every person on your list, we found your gift at a NYC brick and mortar we trust. All in and assuming good traffic, you your assistant is looking at about a two-hour commitment.

Waffle no longer. Just make like a Nike and Do It.

For Your Boss: The Bugatti Blue  

The Bugatti Blue Fountain Pen means business. The brand’s no-compromise quality transitions from road to page seamlessly. If you’re looking for something more accessible, Fountain Pen Hospital deals exclusively in ink and offers a wide range, from everyday dap to a backroom housing their vintage collection.

Available at the Fountain Pen Hospital, 10 Warren St. | MAP

For Your Client: 14k Gold Slinky

By this point of the season, everyone’s livers could probably use a little R & R. So pass on the bottle of 12-year and give them something that will stand the test of time. This rarefied desk-topper is a way to say “Thank you” and “Let’s not take ourselves so seriously” at the same time. 

Available at Blue Tree, 1283 Madison Ave. | MAP

For Your Neighbor: Saturdays Surf Santalum + Cedrus Candle

The Saturdays Surf Candle is equal parts woodsy and spicy. A minimal aesthetic means it can complement any style of decor, and its mellow, long-lasting, super heady fragrance makes it a memorable gift.

Available at Saturdays Surf, 31 Crosby St. | MAP

For Your Lady: FAIKE Essentials Lanyard

The Essentials Lanyard from NY/LA designer duo FAIKE is for the luxury lady boss in your life. Holds all she needs and nothing more. Bonus: she’ll no longer have an excuse to make you carry her phone, cash, card, keys or lipstick with this little number hanging around.

Available for delivery and by appointment at FAIKE, 415.385.2172

For Your Kids: MoMA NYC Coloring Poster  

Like a Google Maps aerial view, but jauntier. MoMA’s NYC Coloring Poster features all the Big Apple’s biggest landmarks and just the right amount of silliness. Can be used on the wall, floor or even as a tablecloth.

Available at the MoMa Design Store, 81 Spring St. | MAP

For Your Mom: Bartky Minerals Agate Coasters

These Agate Coasters are beautiful (just like her) and will also remind your mama that after all of those years, you listened and learned not to set your dang drink on the table.

Available at The Future Perfect, 55 Great Jones St. | MAP

For Your Dad: Petri Polish Shoe Polish Kit

Birchbox’s Petri Polish Shoe Polish Kit will keep the ol’ man lookin’ sharp. Crafted by a fourth generation family business, this gift is as solid as the tradition it’s built on.

Available at Birchbox, 433 W. Broadway | MAP

For Your Relatives: Lumberlander Camp Blanket

The Lumberlander Blanket is easy on the eyes and adventure-ready. Blankets are a no-brainer for family you don’t see very often: it’s like giving a hug that will last all year long.

Available at Best Made Co., 36 White St. | MAP

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