The City’s Most Exclusive Dinner Party Is Going Public

Two nights only. Get your tickets.

July 25, 2016 9:00 am

What do Martha Stewart, Terry Richardson and Naomi Campbell have in common?

Not the threat of jail time, surprisingly. It’s under-the-radar culinary master Yann Nury.

Nury is the NYC glitterati’s favorite knife for hire. Haven’t heard of him? It’s probably because he’s busy firing up a feast over at John Legend’s house.

For two nights only, he and Dom Pérignon are taking their private party public — and you’re invited.

This most ultimate five-star experience is happening just over the bridge, at Brooklyn’s Loosie’s Kitchen, on July 26th and August 2nd. You should be booking your reservation right here now, but we’ll still tell you more.

For 30 guests only, Nury will serve up a multi-course menu complete with vintage Champagne pairings all along the way. We’ll put it this way: you’re going to start with caviar and end with Wagyu. There are truffles and foie gras somewhere in the middle, making for what is bound to be a one-way ticket to satiation heaven.

Tickets range from $250-$350. And let us tell you, fine sir, having had the honor of pulling up a seat at one of Nury’s private meals — this is a real steal.


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