Last Call

It’s December 21st. Do you know where your gifts are?

By The Editors
December 21, 2015 9:00 am

You did that thing again, didn’t you?

You swore you were gonna get your presents under the tree with time to spare this year, but then life and work and “Oh, c’mon, let’s have one more” got in the way, and now it’s December 21st, and unless your name is Jeffrey Preston Bezos, Amazon ain’t getting to your doorstep on time.

It’s OK. So did we.

Which is why we created the Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Guide.

Think of it as a treasure map. For every person on your list, we found you one gift at one Los Angeles brick and mortar we trust. All in and assuming good traffic, you your assistant is looking at about a two-hour commitment.

Waffle no more. Just make like a Nike and Do It.

For Your Bossman (or Woman)
You can’t go wrong with The Over the Barrel basket at Wally’s new market and restaurant in Beverly Hills. Contains all the makings for a Manhattan or Old Fashioned: Evan Williams bourbon, Vya Vermouth, Angostine Bitters, gourmet cherries and bar chocolates. This Wally’s has a bigger market than the original location. Grab several gifts and have a delicious lunch to kill many birds with one valet. 

Available at Wally’s, 447 N Canon Dr | MAP

For Your Clients
The Capsule Minimalist Wallet. Pretty much the perfect minimalist wallet, with a cash belt on one side, a card slot on the other and lots of colors to choose from. It’s also unisex.

Available at A+R Store171 S La Brea Ave | MAP

For Your Neighbors and Friends

Wally’s in Beverly Hills has close to 200 varieties of cheeses, and the staff knows the fromage like Galileo knew the night skies. Fill a basket full and add a bottle of wine and some crackers.

Available at Wally’s, 447 N Canon Dr | MAP

For Your Lady
Negarian London is a new boutique on Abbot Kinney that just crossed the pond. Most of what’s on offer was designed by owner Negarian Sadr and sports a simple, sophisticated but functional look. The Dressage coat is made from neoprene and wool and billows daintily on the sleeve. The leather skirt is sexy. And the leather gloves work on touchscreens, making them a great stocking stuffer.

Available at Negarian London, 1121 Abbot Kinney Blvd #2 | MAP

For the Kids
A+R Store has a mini-kitchen set for the kid that enjoys watching you cook. Everything is sized down and has finger protectors so they don’t cut themselves. For smaller ones, Stunt Team vehicles are made from magnetic wooden blocks that kids can assemble and play with.

Available at A+R Store, 171 S La Brea Ave | MAP

For Mom
Kit and Ace offers a handful of products in a water-resistant nano cashmere, which is great for foggy nights or early morning beach strolls. The tunic has a slouchy, comfy fit and will make mom feel stylish to boot.

Available at Kit and Ace (across from Negarian London), 1130 Abbot Kinney Blvd | MAP 

For Pops
Most surfing activewear is pretty street. But Laird Hamilton’s new line of clothing is functional and stylish while still erring on the side of country-club appropriate. The Captain’s Polo has a slim and simple cut and brushed garmatex polyester that looks like cotton but breathes much better.

Available at Ron Robinson1327 5th St | MAP

Also available at Tarsan SUP936 Hermosa Ave | MAP

For Your Relatives
SALT is a SoCal optics brand that sources its glass and frames from a tiny village in Japan that is to eyeware what Switzerland is to timekeeping. The Odins are a style of aviator that come in brushed gold and look good on everyone. But there are many more to choose from, and all of them are polarized. No one will ask for a gift receipt for these.

Available AETHER Apparel (a couple of doors down from A+R Store), 161 S LaBrea or at any one of these locations | MAP

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