The Fall Style Issue: Back to the Classics

In which three lovely ladies school you on fall's menswear staples

October 4, 2017 9:00 am

lassics are classics for a reason. Staying power cannot be fabricated nor bought — only earned, by dint of being, well, really f*cking awesome.

And you’ll find a healthy selection of such things in our latest Fall Style Issue, entitled, appropriately, “Back to the Classics.”

Inside: Seven key items, all of which have been around long enough to be worn by your grandfather, and even his grandfather, in a couple cases.

We also invited a few friends from the fairer sex along to school you on the origins of these menswear staples in a series of handy (and admittedly pretty sexy) instructional videos.

So read on, and let us prepare ourselves for our most dapper fall yet.

See you out there,


Mike Falco

Charles Espedito Baldini

Jessica Zamora-Turner

Hair & Makeup
Michael Hanz