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Best Picture Pictures

Because a picture is worth a thousand thumbs-up

  • 24 February 2014

Because we all have a lot of opinions about the Oscars, and none of them include anything about "sound mixing," we present the second annual Best Picture Pictures: a series of infographics that put the evening's heavy hitters in respectful context. Down in front, please.

We've been thinking a lot about the Oscars.

Mostly so we can win our Oscar pool, which we never win, because who the hell knows the difference between sound editing and sound mixing? Besides Danny Elfman?

And also because the Oscars, like the Super Bowl, are one of those pan-society occasions that reveal the giddy id of the American ego. Or at least reveal Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. How cute is she, amiright?

So we're proud to present the second annual Best Picture Pictures, made using hard data, statistical analysis and at least one borrowed copy of Photoshop.

Here's a small taste below; the rest of the infographics are right this way. Enjoy.

The Specifics

Best Picture Pictures

It's on the arm, pal.

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