Atlas Obscura’s New Boat Tours Involve Beer, Chicago Lore

Shed your commuter’s indifference!

May 24, 2018 9:00 am

“If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

Almost 30 years later, Ferris Bueller’s motto still rings true.

Spend all day checking emails and crushing candy, and you’ll miss it: Chicago, a marvel of modern architecture from top to bottom.

Here to help you rediscover the city: a newly minted architecture tour from Atlas Obscura, internet archivists of all things “curious and wondrous.”

Guests will board The Summer of George, a yacht moored at Bertrand Goldberg River City Marina with a bar below deck. Joining them will be Chicago-omniscient author Adam Selzer, who’s published three books, written for Chicago Tribune and The New York Times and delivered a decent couple thousand city tours (so don’t even think about interrupting, guy who can’t get through one of these things without doing so).

chi boat architecture tour (2 images)

The tour will holistically answer questions about Chicago’s most famous waypoints and why they matter. I.e., How did Chicago amass all these neoclassical and art deco buildings, and what kind of debauchery has down inside of them? Expect back-alley folklore, hidden passageways and history with plenty of laughs … all while you sit back and enjoy the Windy City waterways with a beer in hand.

Find more info about booking tickets for the cruises, running in June and July this summer, here.

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