We’re Now Living in the Era of Electric Snowmobiles

Not all electric vehicles are designed for roads

Electric snowmobile
An electric snowmobile from Taiga Motors.
CNW Group/Taiga Motors Corporation

While electric cars and trucks are very much in the spotlight these days, they’re far from the only vehicles in development or production to make use of a power source other than fossil fuels. Electric planes and boats are also starting to make their mark, so it’s not too shocking to hear that electric options are gearing up for the off-road set as well.

A new article in The New York Times explores the work being done to electrify things like snowmobiles, and the unique challenges that they provide to those tasked with that process. Melted snow — in other words, water — and electrical connectors are not exactly things that work well in one another’s presence. But with the right engineering, the results can be impressive indeed.

The Times chronicles the work being done by Taiga Motors, whose products include snowmobiles and personal watercraft. The article notes that their snowmobiles are more expensive than their gas-powered counterparts, but points to one eco-friendly resort, Taos Ski Valley, which argued that the reduced fuel and maintenance coasts balance that out.

Taiga isn’t the only player in this space, either. The Times notes that Bombardier Recreational Products, makers of the Ski-Doo, has set itself a goal of offering electric snowmobiles by 2026. Some of the issues that affect electric cars and trucks are also at play here — including the challenges of charging vehicles in the middle of the woods. But it certainly seems like changes are afoot in the industry, with more to come.

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