How to Turn a Mercedes G-Class Into to the World’s Sexiest Camper

Because you can’t pick up your date in an Airstream

September 29, 2016 9:00 am

Have a meeting at 4 PM but want to go on an off-roading adventure at 6?

You’re in luck. The latest from the makers at Ququq, the G-Box transforms the iconic Mercedes G-Class into an off-roading, overnighting dream machine.

Better yet, no welding iron is needed here. The conversion kit is quick and dead simple to install.

You literally just put open up the back and put the kit in. No IKEA wrenches necessary. The G-Box includes an aluminum-edged, water-resistant wood kitchen box and a folding bed that sits on top. You just strap the kitchen box into the rear of the G-Class and, voila, you’ve got a full tailgating kitchen. (Are you listening, football fans?) The whole setup will take all of two minutes and then you’re free to roam.

Once it’s rigged, you’ll be working with a two-burner gas stove with windscreen, two stainless steel bowls, a three-piece cold-foam mattress, fitted cotton sheets and two 10-liter water bottles, with optional storage boxes or extra bottles available.

The conversion will run you about $3,000, which — if you’re already driving a G-Class — we’ll assume you can manage. Should you be in a Land Rover Defender, Ququq has a kit coming up for you on the foreseeable horizon as well.

via New Atlas

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