13 Stunning Rides You’ll See at The Art of Bugatti

Inside the Petersen Automotive Museum’s comprehensive exhibit

October 10, 2016 9:00 am

They say talent skips a generation.

Ask Hank Williams, Jr. Don’t ask the Bugattis.

From patriarch Carlo to Rembrandt to Ettore to Jean, they’ve got more automaking talent than you can shake a drafting pencil at.

And you’ll learn all about it at The Art of Bugatti, an exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum that opens October 22.

Billed as the most comprehensive Bugatti exhibit ever, it’ll include all of their classic autos, from the Type 5 to the unprecedentedly powerful Chiron, as well as the art, furniture and silverwork the family also produced.

Here are 13 of the cars that’ll be on display.

1927 Type 52 Baby Bugatti

1928 Type 43-44 Grand Sport

1929 Type 44 Fiacra

1930 Type 46

1931 Type 54 Roadster

1931 T50

1932 Type 55

1932 Type 41 Royal

1937 Type 57C

1938 57C Atalante

1939 57C Aravis

2009 Veyron Grand Sport

2017 Chiron

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