What Do You Get the Custom Chrome Bike Who Has Everything? More Chrome.

They say if you stare at it too long you'll go blind

September 30, 2016 9:00 am

They say motorcycling is not inherently dangerous.

It just doesn’t leave much margin for error, up to and including your relative visibility while you sit astride it.

One way to make sure everyone can you see coming? Chrome. Everywhere.

Crafted from naught but raw, metallic materials, this supercharged ironhead from LA’s Hazan Motorworks was built 100% bespoke from the ground up.

The bike was originally going to be just a simple black steel number using a ‘49 BSA500, but when Hazan came upon a ‘65 XLH, they took to the drawing board and unhatched this 8.5-foot chromed-out monster.

“The idea was to build the most amazing bike that I could possibly imagine around an interesting engine and to make absolutely no compromises in the design and fabrication process that I used to get there,” said Maxwell Hazan in an interview with designboom.

Indeed. Nearly every piece was made from scratch, from the rear sprocket to the front hub. The only way to make the bike stand up to Hazan’s desired specs?  Make everything himself — except the supercharger, which was a killer $200 eBay score. Its addition means the 386-lb. ironhead is pushing out a respectable 80-90 ponies, with some moderate 8.5:1 ratio pistons throwin in to handle the extra oomph.

“And before any asks, No,” says Hazan, “the seat is not comfortable.”

via designboom

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