Don’t Expect an Internal Combustion-EV Split From Stellantis Any Time Soon

The automaker is taking a more measured approach

Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime minister, speaks at the Stellantis Automotive Research and Development Centre in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
Emily Elconin/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Countless automakers have announced ambitious plans for electrification in the last few years. A few have taken things even further, deciding that the most logical way to do that involves dividing their business into multiple businesses. Ford announced something like this earlier this year, stating their their electric and internal combustion vehicles would be handled by distinct businesses within the overall umbrella of Ford.

What works as a way forward for Ford, though, doesn’t necessarily work for their competitors. In a recent report from Reuters (via Autoblog), Stellantis revealed that their take on a split like Ford’s is in the “not for us” category.

In the course of sharing first-quarter financial results, Richard Palmer, Stellantis’s CFO, argued that a split akin to Ford didn’t work for them. “There are benefits to having the cash flow being generated by the internal combustion business for the investments we need to make,” Palmer said.

“[W]e aren’t anticipating any big changes,” he added — though he did leave the possibility of some sort of organizational change in the company’s future. Stellantis hasn’t lacked for ambition when it comes to EV technology — but the company also doesn’t seem to want to make a splashy change without a good reason for doing so.

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