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17 Egyptian Mummies Unearthed in Major Archaeological Find

Mummies found in an ancient burial site discovered by students using radar.

101-Year-Old Man Sets Skydiving Record

British man jumps 15,000 feet out of a plane to raise money for veterans charity.

How One Company is Turning Used Shipping Containers Into Swimming Pools

Cargo containers offer a new, cheap alternative for backyard luxury.

Political Coverage Reaches New Heights in South Korea

Computer-generated images and pop culture references put South Korean Election Coverage on the map.

‘Wingwoman’ Teaches New York Bachelors the Lost Art of Dating

Services include everything from date ride-alongs to crafting flirty text messages.

New Miley Cyrus Video Features More Mature, Softer Side of Singer

The erstwhile wild-child says she's turning over a new leaf.

Luxury Japanese Train Suite Shiki-shima Unveiled

One-way train experience costs $10,000 per person, but provides plenty of luxe touches.

The City Is a Novel Exhibition Is Photographer’s Tribute to Metropolises

Alexey Titarenko's photos of New York, Venice and St. Petersburg opens at Italy's Spazio Damiani.

Childhood Adversity May Have Some Surprising Advantages

New study finds that those who had a bad childhood may not be doomed.

Wine Whisperers Are Latest Status Symbol for the Wealthy

Personalized wine experts cater to billionaires with their connections and knowledge.