Vehicles | October 7, 2016 9:00 am

This 37-Foot Mobile Home Is a Yacht on Wheels

The Morelo Empire is the Lambo of leisure vehicles

With twice the torque of a Lamborghini Aventador, the pulling power of a Toyota Hilux and the same HP as a Mercedes C300, the Morelo Empire Liner has ties to lots of powerful vehicles.

It has also enough space to carry ‘em around.

Available with an optional garage that has room to transport another vehicle, the 37-foot-long Morelo Empire Liner motorhome is powered by a 7.7-liter engine that gives it nearly 300 HP.

With luxurious touches like under-the-floor heating, a rain shower, a spacious bedroom and a panoramic roof, the Morelo Empire Liner is essentially a mobile countryside estate.  

“We’ve spent almost a year designing and developing the Empire liner and we believe motorhome enthusiasts, and the general public alike, will be impressed by the craftsmanship and attention-to-detail on display,” says Morelo sales manager Andreas Wolfer-Heimann.

The $435,000 Morelo Empire Liner isn’t exactly priced to move, but it’s certainly built to do just that.