Vehicles | December 6, 2016 9:00 am

Dear Santa, One Mercedes-Benz Pickup Truck, Please

The G-Professional is not to be messed with

Thanks to their to propensity for chowing down on crocodile meat, slugging Foster’s and punching kangaroos, Australians have acquired a reputation for being a pretty rough-and-tumble bunch.

And the truck the Mercedes-Benz Australian division just launched should do nothing to change that.

Powered by a turbodiesel V6 engine packing 181 ponies, the G-Professional is the civilian version of the all-wheel-drive truck Mercedes has previously produced for the Australian military.

Featuring black grille work, 16-inch alloy wheels, all-terrain tires and an engine snorkel that’ll keep the 4×4 running smooth even in more than two feet of water, the five-speed automatic’s cabin comes outfitted with vinyl upholstery and rubber mats to enhance its rugged feel.

With package options that include a dashboard-controlled spotlight, heavy-duty winch and a diesel hose for fueling other vehicles, each G-Professional is built by hand to ensure the cross-country truck’s “special qualities” are on full display.

“Your G-Class Professional can climb, clamber and tackle steep ascents,” according to Mercedes. “But, above all, it demonstrates what a high performance off-roader really is.”

Priced starting at $90,000, the G-Class Pro is at the top of the list of reasons to head Down Under.