Honda’s 189-HP Lawn Mower Is as Powerful as a CR-V

And now, a word on Honda’s ongoing quest to create the world’s most unnecessarily powerful lawnmower.

In 2014, the marque released the Mean Mower, a riding mower with a paltry 109 horsepower. Impressive … for something that cuts grass. But for those of us who are looking to play a real-life game of Mario Kart, Honda has made some debatably responsible updates to the Mean Mower in the years since that initial record-breaking release.

The newest version sees an addition of 80 horsepower and a four-cylinder engine from their sexy, rare CBR1000RR Fireblade moto. It looks less like a lawnmower and more like a race car, which makes sense, because the top speed on this bad boy is 134 mph.

Your move, John Deere.