Vehicles | November 28, 2017 9:00 am

Honda Set to Release Eco-Friendly Versions of NSX, HondaJet

Sometimes you've gotta spend green to go green

When asked what his guilty pleasure was, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates confessed that he loves traveling by private jet.

And for someone like Gates — who knows the realities of man-made climate change and is pledging millions of dollars to help thwart it — flying private truly is a reason to feel guilty: it’s very hard on the earth, if exponentially more comfortable than flying commercial.

So Gates may want to take a look at the new HondaJet. It can fly from L.A. to Vancouver using less fuel than its competitors, and its over-the-wing engine mount was a collaboration with GE to provide a more efficient fuel system that’s also quieter inside while providing more room for storage.

In addition to the jet, Honda also just added a hybrid version of the much-beloved (and recently revived) Acura NSX to their lineup. The supercar now delivers 573-hp and all-wheel torque, along with electric steering and braking for extra precision.

The car retails for $159,000 and the jet is $4.9m.

Guess you’ve gotta spend green to go green.