Vehicles | August 30, 2017 9:00 am

This Obscure Dutch Car Is Almost as Fast as a Bugatti

The drool cup doesn't come standard, but it should

If it does 0-62 in udner three seconds, it’s probably Italian, German or packing an electric motor that weighs as much as a collapsed star, right?

Wrong. Because the beauty you see above is actually Dutch.

It’s the Bare Naked Carbon Edition of Donkervoort’s standard model, an exposed carbon fiber model finished in Monte Carlo Blue. The visible carbon look also extends into the doors, window frame, dashboard and seats in the car’s interior.

Carbon Car (5 images)

Capable of doing 0-62 in just 2.7 seconds — a number which is comparable with a Bugatti Chiron — the Bare Naked Carbon Edition’s carbon pieces are fused together using a patented production method called X-CORE that sandwiches the exterior and interior shells around foam.

Limited to a run of only 15 cars, the Bare Naked Carbon Edition is priced at $216,500, plus tax.