This Surfboard Comes With Its Own Motorcycle and Sidecar

To say we simply like the wide variety of new rides that custom moto house Deus Ex Machina churns out on a consistent basis is a bit of an understatement: we like like them.

That feeling only grows when we come across an older bike like the one Deus made in 2015 for Yamaha’s Yard Built program — and the addition of a surfboard and sidecar sure doesn’t hurt.

A stripped-back summer bike designed for riding to the beach, the guys at Deus used a Yamaha XV950 as a base and fashioned its front and rear fenders and tank in aluminum, installed a new exhaust system, redid the rear frame by hand and strapped on some Firestone deluxe tires.

Yamaha (9 images)

Dubbed the “D-Side,” the bike was then outfitted with a boat-inspired sidecar riding on 19-inch wheels that has a vintage racing seat as well as a wooden rack at the rear for extra luggage.

Since the bike was built a number of years ago, it’s no longer available to purchase, but Deus can can create selected items from the build on request and, thankfully, the sidecar is included.

Do the Deus.