Three of the Best Franken-Ford F-150s You Can Buy Right Now

Not a day passes without a parade of completely bonkers custom vehicles crossing our desk, from Pimp My Ride Porsche Carrera GTs to Russian V8 motorcycles. You know of what we speak. They’re the same polarizing mods that populate your Facebook feed, with as many people commenting “Where do I get that??” as “WTF.”

Unfortunately, most of them have one thing in common: you can’t buy them. Some are flights of fancy only attainable by the one percent. Some are Frankensteinian creations no sane aftermarket shop would dare touch. Others turn out too good to be true.

Today, we celebrate those insanely impractical vehicles that are also attainable — specifically, those made out of the F-150 pickup truck. We’ve recently seen a trend in auto shops across this great land tinkering with Ford’s cash cow, so we’ve compiled three of our favorites below.

All of these modifications are available now. Whether or not you can handle them (and the gas station interrogations that come with them) remains to be seen.

Photo via Lebanon Ford Performance on Facebook

The 725-HP 2019 Ford F-150
What: A 2019 Regular Cab 2WD XL-Sport F-150 with a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger that cranks up the torque to 675 lb-ft. alongside the totally unreasonable 725 ponies (for reference, the standard 2019 F-150 XL puts out 290-HP and 265 lb-ft. torque). Lebanon has received national acclaim for their “Pick Your Power” promotions, and this one is no different, offering up two additional supercharger systems from ProCharger and Roush.
Shop: Lebanon Ford Performance
Price: $39,995


Photo via Michigan Vehicle Solutions

The Fastback Ford F-150
What: The Aero X truck bed cap turns your pickup into a louvered fastback. It’s currently offered for those Ford F-150 models from 2015 on with 5.5- and 6.5-foot beds. But according to MVS they’re in the process of engineering them “for additional Ford, Chevrolet, Ram, Toyota, and Nissan models.” So why would anyone want this? The shop cites the cap’s “uninhibited access to the truck’s bed” and “sun protection without obstructing rearward vision,” both of which are patently false. What we’re really talking about is a blue/gold dress or yanny/laurel moment — there’s no middle ground, you either think this is cool as hell or a lump of foul deformity.  
Shop: Michigan Vehicle Solutions
Price: $3,995 for the bed cap, according to The Drive


Photo via

The Harley-Davidson Ford F-150
What: When you can’t drive your Harley, drive this Harley-branded (and beefed-up) F-150. No, Ford didn’t ressurect the collaboration trucks they killed off after 2012; for this, you can thank Tuscany Motor Company. There are multiple editions available that could quickly put you over $100K, but the standard features include Fatboy wheels, BDS suspension and Fox performance shocks exclusive to the H-D, as well as enough Harley branding to satisfy both ride-or-die bikers and posers who just wear the T-shirts for the exaggerated Americana aesthetic.
Shop: Tuscany Motor Company
Price: $84,995


Main image via Michigan Vehicle Solutions