Vehicles | October 19, 2016 9:00 am

No One Puts This All-Electric Swiss Motorcycle in a Corner

The Zvexx was designed to be, and is, a badass

In order to prove e-motorcycles could be “badass,” a group of Swiss engineers and designers set out to create an all-electric bike that’d make “supercars all but disappear” whenever it turned up.

Given previous e-moto offerings from marques like BMW and Ono Bikes, we’d say the point the Zvexx Motorbike set out to make had already been made, but we’re glad they proved it anyway.

Equipped with 26 lithium-ion battery cells that give it a range of 93 miles, the Zvexx has a 0-50 MPH time of under three seconds and can be programmed for top performance with a computer.

The downside of the Zvexx, if there is one, is that its super-sized battery system is fairly heavy, so the bike weighs close to 800 pounds, a hefty amount considering the added weight of a rider.

“Zvexx is not about being cute, it’s a badass bike with brutal acceleration that was designed to look great, and it attracts attention from every direction,” the company told Motorrad International. “Bystanders look on in stunned disbelief.”

Unfortunately, although a prototype of the Zvexx is currently drawing awestruck glances around the Lake Geneva region in Switzerland, there are no concrete plans for a production model.

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