The World's First Electric Chopper Bike Looks Good. Really Good.

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By Evan Bleier

The World's First Electric Chopper Bike Looks Good. Really Good.
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09 August 2016

It ain’t Zed’s, but it’s still a chopper, baby.

A half-electric, half-pedal-powered chopper by way of Serbia, to be exact.

Designed by Belgrade-based Ono Bikes, the Archont Super E-Bike is a handcrafted chopper bicycle with a stainless steel fork and frame that’ve been meticulously built to accentuate the bike’s curved lines and carefully worked proportions.

Powered by a lightweight battery pack that’s stored in carbon fiber casing, the electric Archont can go for 60 miles without a single pedal push and reach a top speed of 50 MPH.

Featuring a four-speed gearbox, Schlumpf transmission, Brooks saddle and hydraulic disc brakes, the e-chopper is controlled by a right-handlebar throttle.

And the casing unit that contains the bike’s battery also features a smartphone slot for riders to charge their phone or set features like cruise control via the virtual dashboard in the bike’s accompanying mobile app.

If those features don’t suit a buyer’s tastes, Ono’s designers will customize one of the choppers to fit an individual’s specific requests, including frame size, performance parts and paint job.

Prices start around $8,900 — order up.

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