Vehicles | February 19, 2019 9:00 am

A Collector Just Put 55 Vintage VW Camper Vans Up for Sale

The catch? It’s a $350K all-or-nothing deal.

Are you sick of scrolling through epic photos of campers parked on top of a cliff in Big Sur? Tired of lesser men living the #VanLife while you’re chained to your desk? Boy, does “Rob from Ontario” have a deal for you!

This weekend, a user by that name and origin posted on a classifieds site that he is selling 55 vintage Volkswagen Westfalia camper vans, “all in good restorable condition,” for a flat $350K. Yes, a whopping 55 of the most iconic camper vans of all time, made from one of the most iconic vehicles of all time (the VW Bus), or enough to drive a different one every week of the year, and a couple extra in case one breaks down.

As the Drive notes, this comes out to around $6,363.63 per van. But the big catch is that ol’ Rob (if that is his real name) is only willing to accept offers for people who will “buy and remove all of them.” They are located just across the northern border in Newmarket, Ontario. Still, if you’ve ever done a bit of daydreaming and scoped out the going rate for one of these retro beauties, you’ll know they’re in demand. (There’s even a site called

Westfalis Campers (2 images)

Upshoot? There’s a potentially lucrative investment to be had here, for the right (read: dedicated) buyer. Like the original Land Rover Defender, these Westfalia vans are a pain to drive, but more than make up for it in je ne sais quoi. Nothing inspires wanderlust and opens pocketbooks like a vintage VW. If you scooped up all 55 of these, you could restore them, maybe convert some or all into EVs, and make off like a bandit. (And keep one or two for yourself, natch.)

Obviously, that type of camper-van flipping is not without precedent. Search #VanLife on YouTube and the first page will be littered with beefed up Westfalias. Just last week, we wrote about a Canadian company renting out fully-equipped Westys for $150 a night. Who says you can’t do the same?

But here comes the big grain of salt: everything we know about the quality of these vehicles is coming from three photos and an all-caps description from “Rob” on Kijiji, a Canadian Craigslist. If you’re interested, he’ll gladly show you the treasure trove for a small fee of, ahem, $500. But considering he’s been a user for six years and has 23 other listings, it seems as legitimate as an internet classifieds ad can be.

And hey, we did say this was a great deal for a dedicated buyer.

All images via Kijiji listing