Travel | February 13, 2019 9:00 am

Visit Yosemite, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon … Via Chartered Jet

Plus: Exclusive access to each park's most secluded corners

National Parks-hopping is not generally a thing. Something about massive, wide-open spaces spread out across the third-largest country in the world isn’t conducive to quick visits.

Let’s say you wanted to hit Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, in order. You’re looking at a solid 30 hours of non-stop driving between those parks, and all of it through the West’s most rugged and least populated regions. Doesn’t leave much time for exploring the actual parks.

But now, thanks to an adventure company by the name of Revealed America, it’s possible to comfortably and casually fly to each member of America’s “Big 3” in one week. 

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Founded by Marty Behr — a 9-5er who quit his job and traveled our National Parks for two years — Revealed America creates expert itineraries for any occasion, and at any budget. Honeymoon kayaking in Denali? Done. Family leaf-peeping in The Berkshires? Book it. RA will handle the logistics, you just have to fill out the specifics here, and show up on time. 

Their crown offering, though, is the Big 3 National Park “Safari,” which about a dozen customers book a year. RA sources a private jet to ferry travelers between the parks, and once in, each party is given rare access to each park’s wildest and most remote corners via private guides and gates. You’ll get to choose your preferred daily activities and can even opt in on other local parks during the days you’re flying, like Moab or the Montana Rockies. 

Whatever you’re interested in, try to book before the end of the month. Securing a fully-planned trip for this summer takes time, and getting your requests/ideas in now will ensure Revealed America gets it done.  

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Image via Aniket Deole/Unsplash