Greatest Arctic Tour of All Time Has Iceberg Scuba Diving, Moose Carpaccio
By Diane Rommel / July 28, 2016 9:00 am

The Arctic was once the land of frostbitten explorers and intrepid sailors seeking whales, gold and the fabled Northwest Passage.

Oh, how the times have changed … as long as you’ve got a stack of greenbacks on hand.

One million of them, to be exact, which will net you a custom-designed Arctic tour from Mountain Travel Sobek, a heritage outfitter that plans expeditions for National Geographic and the New York Times.

What’s on the docket for the globe-spinning one-percenter with a tolerance for the cold and an interest in filling his Insta feed with pictures of stormy seas and polar bears? Iceberg scuba diving, heli-hiking and, of course, “private jet service to the tundra.”

On the menu? Moose carpaccio and musk-ox burgers. On your backs? Caribou and seal parkas.

Between meals, expect hot-air balloon trips over ice craters and wildlife viewing from helicopters.

Nature the way it was meant to be seen. Right?