The Rocky Mountains Are Getting Their Own Luxury Rail Service
By Tanner Garrity / April 12, 2018 9:00 am

While wackier and wackier methods of motoring yourself about the country are popping up everywhere, there will always be something timeless and effortless about train travel done right.

Rocky Mountaineer knows a thing or two about said travel, with a proud litany of routes sampling the best and most beautiful of mountain towns in the Pacific Northwest and western Canada. And lucky for us, the adventure rail service has decided to open up four more routes, aimed at unlocking the wide-sky landscapes of Canmore, the Cariboo Mountains, Kananaski and Sunshine Village.  

Rocky Mountain’s press release promises various highlights and excursions on each trip: cave exploration and a rental car in Canmore, helicopter tours in the Cariboo Mountains, gondola rides in Banff National Park via the West Sunshine route. 

And did we mention you’ll be aboard the world’s largest luxury train? Try not to snooze.