Travel | August 19, 2016 9:00 am

Niagara Falls Finally Has Ziplines. See You There.

Blame Canada

The days of boasting you could handle a trip over Niagara Falls better than Annie Taylor and her barrel are over.

Because today, you’re putting your money where the zipline is.

The miscreants responsible for this development: Canada’s WildPlay Element Parks, now home to four parallel zip lines facing Horseshoe Falls that let riders fly past the attraction from 220 feet up.

The MistRider lines — which stretch for 2,200 feet — carry riders to speeds of more than 40 MPH along the edge of Niagara’s river gorge all the way to the Falls observation landing.

Although some local residents feel the $50 zip line rides take away from the natural allure of the Falls, WildPlay executives feel their equipment simply adds to the Niagara experience.

“We can’t make these into museums. We have to keep the general public — the folks that these places have been set aside for — we have to keep them motivated to get out there,” WildPlay’s Tom Benson told the Associated Press. “How do you take a teenager and get them away from a game console to something that is going to capture their imagination?”

Riders must be at least seven years old, weigh between 50 and 300 pounds and sign a 17-page waiver if they want to go zipping.

It’s a big ‘un.