For Once, You’ll Want the Window Seat

A new concept from aerospace engineering company Windspeed Tech called SkyDeck will offer passengers a rotatable 360-degree window view of the sky, according to an interview in Mashable.  

According to WT’s CEO/inventor, the window seat to the stars will “kill the boredom of long flights.”

Aircraft SkyDeck360 Views of the Sky from Your Seat1:07

There are currently two ways to get to your two-seat bubble-top view, according to SlashGear: via a private staircase or an elevator tube. And it won’t necessarily be a VIP-only experience. “For the airlines, it could be an additional source of revenue, as passengers could be charged on a pay-per-view basis,” claims the press release.

Don’t expect the seat anytime soon: construction on a 747 alone would cost upwards of $8-$25 million and take 18 months or more to implement. Right now, the company claims that while the SkyDeck, positioned closer to the rear of the plane, won’t interfere with the aircraft’s tail performance, it will add some weight — and therefore cost.