TV | September 21, 2017 8:42 am

Furious Jimmy Kimmel Doubles Down on Health Care Criticism

The late night comedian is still fuming, saying the GOP’s new proposal is the 'worst yet.'

Jimmy Kimmel on Sept. 20. (ABC/YouTube)
Jimmy Kimmel on Sept. 20. (ABC/YouTube)

Jimmy Kimmel isn’t finished with Senator Bill Cassidy. On Tuesday night, Kimmel took Cassidy to task after he flip-flopped on a promise he made to the late night comedian about supporting health care legislation that would ensure middle-class families could afford health care.

Kimmel, whose newborn son was born with a serious heart condition requiring multiple surgeries, wasn’t going to let that slide.

Wednesday night, Kimmel doubled-down on his criticism of the GOP’s proposed health care bill — slamming Governor Chris Christie and Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on the way. Take a look.