Style | June 22, 2015 9:00 am

The Comfiest T-shirt You’ll Ever Own

Son of a Tailor clones your favorite casual wear

By The Editors

Monday itinerary:

Work late, get home, put on favorite T-shirt.

That last bit is important.

It’s a signal to your brain to, you know, relax.

So take that T-shirt seriously.

These guys do: Son of a Tailor, an outfit that will handcraft you the ideal garment for lazy Sundays and beyond, now taking orders.

SOAT dub themselves “the first online platform in the world to offer tailor-made T-shirts.”

So they craft your tee like a tailored suit.

Luxe fabric. Customizable from sleeves to neckline. Sizing based off of eight different measurements.

Don’t let that last part scare you. All you need is a tape measure — hell, they’ll even send you the tape gratis.

Just take your current favorite T-shirt and measure it with the help of their illustrated guide. Takes about 15 minutes.

Or go faster, and just pick a standard size (S, M, L, etc.)

You then decide the color, neckline, sleeves and pocket (or no pocket).

You can even monogram it.

The result: an instantly familiar shirt that’s super soft and fit for downtime.

Free shipping and 100% guaranteed, too.

Anything to help you relax.

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