Style | November 14, 2017 9:00 am

‘Shades Club’ Sends You Stylish Sunnies You Can Afford to Lose

Backup specs to your backup specs, delivered monthly

Everyone buys sunglasses expecting to lose them. It’s the same feeling one gets in the back of their mind when buying scarves and gloves: You will put it on. Sometime in the future, you will take it off. And in doing so, you will forget it somewhere.

It’s a familiar, if cruel, ritual.

One that you can take part in, if you so choose, every month for a year with Shades Club. The idea of buying cheap sunglasses because you’ll lose them? Shades Club is a maximalist of the philosophy: a subscription for sunglasses, delivered every 30 days, for as low as $24 a month. Think of it as every pair of sunglasses you’ll own will be your backup pair.

To be fair: subscription model for sunglasses does have its perks. You’ll soon build up an arsenal of different styles, as long, of course, if you can manage to keep them in tracking distance. And generally, owning multiple pairs of throwaway sunglasses means you can keep extras in jackets, bags, the car or office.

Either way, g’head and lose a pair. You’ve got another one comin’.