Sex & Dating | April 7, 2016 9:00 am

“Straight People Need to Come Out of the Closet”: The Annual Sex Survey

Stop repressing your desires, no matter your orientation.

By The Editors

“Straight people need to come out of the closet, too.”

Words of one Dan Savage, perhaps the foremost advocate of open, frank conversation about sex in America.

What he means: stop repressing your desires, no matter your orientation. The sooner we start having more honest conversations about sex, the sooner we’ll start having better sex.

And better sex equals a healthier, happier man.

So start that conversation right here, with us, today, by way of our 2016 Sex Survey.

Inside: 15 brief but poignant questions about what men in America collectively desire in the boudoir.

Later this month, we’ll collate them in a piece that we hope will illustrate just how normal your deepest secrets probably are.