San Francisco | January 29, 2015 9:00 am

The One Boot to Rule Them All

It’s a beaut.

The One Boot to Rule Them All
Steve Kepple
By The Editors

When searching for a truly great pair of shoes, we — with regret — generally look to Italy.

Impeccable footwear, petulant women, men who live with their mothers until they’re 35: some things, Italians just do better than anybody else.

Beneduci Shoemakers aims to strike that first item off the list.

Founder Frank Beneduci studied shoemaking in Milan.

Now, nestled into a studio/retail space on humble San Jose Avenue, he peddles shoes of singular durability, classically styled and very well made.

Our choice is the Bowman, a convertible boot with straps and spats, available in a high-polish black or a matte dark gray.

Buy ’em once, keep ’em forever.

Beneduci says he expects each pair can be resoled five times through their lifespan — which should be roughly equivalent to your own.

Or, if you’re Italian, until after you’ve moved out of mom’s.