San Francisco | February 3, 2015 9:00 am

A Better Gym Bag Than the Other Guy

DSPTCH’s new gym bag has a shoe garage

By The Editors

The gym bag is a simple thing.

But therein lies the problem.

Because in the gym bag, you get an unfortunate commingling of things that are clean and things that are not.

So allow us to present the gym/work bag from The Mission’s own DSPTCH.

DSPTCH makes cool stuff for busy guys.

Camera slings, key chains and an array of hard-wearing bags made with robust fabrics and smart finishes to ensure max durability and convenience.

Their gym/work bag is no exception.

There’s a compartment for the laptop and the tablet, plus a wet/dry pouch, a “hidden security pocket” for various treasures, and — most importantly — a ventilated area for gym shoes.

Because you’ve gotta put them somewhere, and “inside with everything else” isn’t a great answer.

Plus, it looks great — as pleasing a marriage of function and form as the Fenix lights and Benchmade knives on sale at DSPTCH’s new Valencia Street shop.

Get those, too.