News & Opinion | April 18, 2017 9:00 am

Calling All Retirees! You’re Now Eligible for a $10 LIFETIME National Parks Pass.

A little benefits fraud for what ails ya?

Pick your favorite senior (defined as 62 and up, in this context) and give them some very good news: It’s not too late to grab one of the National Parks’ lifetime access passes — for a measly ten bucks. Ten bucks! You can barely get a coffee for that these days. 

Here’s the complication: Sometime soon, the price for that pass will rise significantly — to $80. That’s still a pretty good deal, as it includes access to all 137 fee-requiring National Parks for the life of the passholder. You can’t beat $10, though — and while the NPS is sure that the price will go up, they haven’t confirmed exactly when. So they’re now mounting a campaign to say, basically: Get in while the getting is good. 

Pro tip: Entry to all National Parks is free this weekend, in celebration of the NPS’s 100th anniversary. Seniors who sign up at a park can avoid a $10 online processing fee — which makes this weekend the right one to go en famille to your nearest park and sign up.

It’d make Teddy Roosevelt proud.