New York | April 13, 2017 9:00 am

The Six Essential Slickers for Besting a Downpour

April showers bring ... super natty jackets.

Best thing about rain? It means spring has arrived.

Worst thing about rain? Wet shirts. Stained shoes. Bad hair. Any number of  appearance-related problems, really.

Here to help you avoid them: the six essential slickers for keeping your getup watertight.

Let it rain, April. Let it rain.

The Proper
The Armoury’s Coherence Monocle Twill Jersey Raincoat $1,350
Tribeca men’s haven The Armoury is one of the select few places you’ll find Japanese brand Coherence. This number takes its inspiration from a 1928 portrait, proving that some styles are truly timeless. It’s sharp, slim and thoughtfully detailed. 

The Classic
Exley’s Raincoat$650
Dress it up. Dress it down. It goes with anything. And it’s made in New England, where they know from rain. 

The Crayola 
Freemans Sporting Club’s Corsica Ultralight Raincoat | $495
An easygoing single-breasted with a little pop. Cut from a proprietary fabric woven in Como, Italy by Olmetex Spa — a mill that specializes in high-performance technical fabrics — then handmade in midtown Manhattan.

The Sport
Onu’s Breathable Rain Shell$495
A DWR (Durable Water Repellent) is a coating applied to this shell to strengthen weather resistance. Its DWR is 80/20, which means it retains 80% of its water repellency after 20 washings. Plus, C6 is an environmentally friendly DWR with excellent durability against the elements. Looks cool, too. 

The Bomber
EFM’s Pilot Water Repellant Bomber Jacket $495
Bombers are having a moment. Get on board. EFM’s is constructed from a lightweight lustre stretch nylon with high sheen, laser cut with panels, and then fused together with an ultrasonic welding machine. Translation: all machine tooling here, and the best in the business. On the inside, you will find their signature transparent smart phone pocket for communicating in transit. 

The Blazer
C.P. Company’s Nycra Blazer Jacket $503
Super stylish and water resistant. What more do you need?