Menswear | March 18, 2021 11:24 am

Deal: Get a Five-Pack of Lululemon’s Superior Boxer Briefs on Sale

Refresh your underwear drawer in one fell swoop

Five pairs of Lululemon Always in Motion boxer briefs in black, red, blue, green and grey
Lululemon is offering a nice discount on their Always in Motion boxer briefs.

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Normally a pair of Lululemon’s top-notch Always in Motion boxer briefs are $28 a pop. If you buy them in a five-pack, however, they get a nice discount down to $21.60 each. But today, you can get a set of them for just $14.80 per pair.

The discount is a great way to refresh your underwear drawer in one fell swoop. At a five-inch length, this Lululemon style is perfect for most people in most situations — not too short, not too long, ideal for sweaty workouts or just lounging around the house. And with five different colors that are mostly sensible (grey, olive, black, navy) but allowing for one wild card (dark red) you’re covering all your bases. 

In terms of construction, because it’s Lululemon, the Always in Motion design is engineered for all the performance aspects you’d expect: it’s quick drying, sweat wicking, breathable, stretchable, etc. But these don’t get discounts often, so snap them up before other people realize the elastic on their boxer briefs is wearing out, too.