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Here’s How to Use Your FSA Money Before Time Runs Out

Don't let your money go to waste — invest in your health as the deadline draws near.

A sampling of the best items to spend your FSA money on.
When the time comes to spend your FSA money, consider what you need.
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A flexible spending account, or FSA, is a special account you put money into that can be used to pay for certain out-of-pocket expenses. Unlike other day-to-day purchases, you won’t pay taxes on your FSA expenditures, which gives you an opportunity to save a little money when paying for qualified odds and ends. But there’s a caveat — you have to use your FSA money by the end of the year.

It can be difficult to decide where that money should go, but one option includes medical expenses that aren’t covered by your health plan, such as deductibles, co-pays, daycare, and, maybe, dental care and vision. The details depend on the plan established with your employer, but the best place to shop for qualifying products is through the FSA store and the Amazon FSA store, where you’ll find thousands of curated essentials.

Of course, in spite of the huge number of products currently available, these online shops don’t have everything you need. For instance, certain necessities, such as eyewear, require a visit to a local optometrist or a consultation with a preferred online brand like GlassesUSA or Warby Parker. In order to help your FSA money go further, we recommend these online collections of designer and in-house brands that support every need and lens type, from single vision lenses to contacts to digital blue light protection.

When the time comes to spend your FSA money, consider what you need. If it’s a service like vision or dental care, speak with your employer to determine your options. And if you’re looking for a specific product, visit the online shops mentioned above to find goods within your budget.

Below, our favorite qualifying products, some of which are on sale.