By Alex Lauer / April 9, 2018 9:00 am

The good ol’ trailer back-in: it may be a rite of passage, but more often than not, it’s also a great way to max-out your blood pressure, fight with your family and ding up whatever you’re towing (along with whatever it hits).

Sure, backup cameras have eased the tension a bit (even more so once they’re required in all new U.S. cars starting this May). But when it comes to a man and his trailer, the dream is to be in the driver’s seat and spotting from outside simultaneously — which is, of course, impossible.

Trailer Valet’s RVR, however, is not only possible, it’s even better: a remote-controlled, self-motorized rover that’ll let you hoist and move your trailer solo.

That little pipsqueak? Don’t knock it till you see the video above. The 99-lb. RVR comes in three models that can move up to 3,500, 5,500 or 9,000-lbs, respectively, thanks to Caterpillar treads, a 360-degree range of motion and planetary gear motors that’ll handle single- and dual-axle trailers.

So pull out the camp chair, open a Kirky L and tell the boys to fire up the grill. You’ve got the Airstream under (remote) control.