This Is What Happens When a Former Apple Designer Makes a Grill
By Michael Nolledo / February 20, 2018 9:00 am

Ever wondered what a grill made by an ex-Apple designer might look like?

Doesn’t matter. Robert Brunner wants to show you, anyway.

Brunner is a former chief of industrial design at Apple and designer of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. More recently, he’s been channeling his vision into Fuego, a company that’s bringing sleek contemporary style to the culture of outdoor grilling.

The California team’s latest grill — the Fuego Professional — is also its largest. But for a company that’s built its name on large cooking surfaces with compact footprints, it’s hardly one that’ll hog space.

You’ll first notice the striking upright tubular base that holds the gas tank. The design choice also makes the grill a perfect choice for small patios or balconies. Add in wheels, and you’ve got a versatile cooking unit that can work pretty much anywhere.

Up top, the unit equips an enormous primary cooking surface of 415 square inches (that’s enough for 20 burgers) with a 100-square-inch warming rack, all housed underneath a hood with a handle hinged at a 45-degree angle so you’ll never be reaching over a hot fire again.

But the most impressive part of the Fuego Pro is that it uses 20 fasteners to put together, which means assembly is a breeze. You’ll need only a Phillips screwdriver, 30 minutes and an empty stomach.

Head on over to Fuego for more details.