Gear | August 14, 2014 9:00 am

Have a Fit

By The Editors

You work out to stay healthy and look good. Duh.

You don’t work out for a million other reasons: travel, lack of equipment, personal trainers have unattractive raised veins — whatever.

Nixing every one of those excuses: Fittr, a rather clever new training app, available now.

Outside its cacographic name, there’s a lot to like about Fittr: Clean interface. Low battery usage. And the iOS app (Android coming soon) creates workouts based not only on your goals and current fitness level, but also your available gym equipment.

So, you’re free to mix and match workouts and themes, like “bootcamp training in a home gym.”

Or “interval workouts in a field.”

Or the situation we often find ourselves in, “strength training with no equipment in a hotel room.”

After choosing your themes (it takes all of three clicks), you’ll get a customized 30-minute training regimen, with GIFs showcasing each exercise and options to speed up, slow down or skip various drills.

(One suggestion: switch your Auto Lock settings to “never” or you’ll be touching your phone a lot mid-workout.)

Cost is minimal.* You can track workouts, waist size and weight, plus earn points and trophies.

And, if you so choose, Fittr will post those trophies to social media … and also post days that you don’t work out.

Shame: that’s another motivator.

* Fittr is currently $11.99 per month after a free five-day trial. A Fittr rep told us it’ll go down to $4-$8 per month on its next update, based on length of subscription. Still cheaper than a personal trainer.