By The Editors / January 11, 2016 9:00 am

So you’re havin’ a baby. Congrats.

Now come the changes: Sleepless nights. Dirty diapers. Drool on your shirt that isn’t your own.

All things for which a man must prepare. Along with the fact that you’re about to turn into a one-man moving truck towing bags, bottles and the little one every time you leave the house. 

But that’s not a reason you have throw looking good out the window. Not when you’ve got the Cool Dad Starter Kit, at least. What’s in it? Handsome gear for pops-to-be. Excellent for utility, heavy on style and light on little embroidered lambs and rainbows.


 1. Chill, Baby Volume Pacifier  2. Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle  3. Pioneer Backpack Changing Kit


1. Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Stroller  2. Mima Winter Black Kit  3. Mima Xari Camel Stroller  4. Allen Sports Aluminum Child Trailer


1. Don Do Rocking Chair  2. Piet Hien Eek Scrapwood Rocking Chair  3. Risom Rocker  4. Terra Rocking Chair  5. Version 5 Rocker

Main image: Ed Clark—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images